O projekcie

wydarzenia, które się nie wydarzyły

Events that did not happen is my own project, in which I let my imagination run free, creating idiotic photomontages. I am looking for photos with historical or contemporary known people and I paste there… myself. I try to make them as perfect as possible. I attach to every picture an invented story describing my acquaintance with a given person.

The creative process

Events that did not happen is a completely unprofitable project. I do it with passion because I just like to do create photomontages. But the truth is that it takes a lot of time. The process of creating photomontages is divided into several stages and each of them is quite time-consuming:

  1. Finding the right photo in the internet (contrary to appearances, it’s not so easy).
  2. Taking a picture that will fit into the photomontage (this is the most embarrassing part, especially when someone is looking at me then).
  3. Creating a photomontage (the most time consuming, of course).
  4. Inventing and writing history (a stage that is terribly tiring for my brain).

If you want to help develop Events that did not happen, be sure to check here.