Fidel loved card games and board games. I once offered him a game in Monopoly, but he considered the game too capitalist. He even banned its distribution in Cuba. Later, however, he ordered to create a Cuban version of it. Unfortunately, on his board most of the fields were marked as “you go to prison,”. And according to the assumptions of ​​communism, every city bought automatically became the property of all players. Because of this the game was terribly boring.

I liked playing with Fidel much more. Once, on the ship MS Berlin, I learned to play him in game Cucu. Together with Captain Heinrich Lorenz and the first officer Ernest Hankiewicz, we played a fantastic game! The entire ship crew stood around and watched this legendary clash! Fidel shouted “Cucu” so loudly that they could hear it on the shore. Eventually he won and under the influence of emotions he called his ministers with information that he changed the name of the country from “Cuba” to “Cucu”. For the rest of the night I sat in the cabin with him, explaining that it was a bad idea. Fortunately, when the emotions subsided, he withdrew his decision.

The presented story is untrue and humorous. The photo is a photomontage. Oryginal photo source: