The Wright brothers never really tried to invent the plane. They made mostly gliders and it did not even occur to them to put in a motor.

I was then employed in their Wright Cycle Company bicycle workshop. The problem is that I lived quite far and the way to work took me a lot of time.

One night I had the idea of ​​getting to work faster. I took one of my employers’ gliders and put in a motor that had been rusting in the workshop for some time. That’s how I made a self-propelled glider. In secret from everyone, before dawn I used to fly it to work, and after dark I returned home.

Unfortunately, once Wilbur Wright came to the workshop earlier than usual and caught me using his glider. He got really angry and immediately dismissed me from work.

Only a few days later the Wright Brothers had their famous flight, thanks to which they went down in history.

The presented story is untrue and humorous. The photo is a photomontage. Oryginal photo source: