Tom and I often go out for a beer when he comes to Poland. It is always very funny because Tom is extremely easy to make fun of. Just make an idiot out of yourself and he’s laughing. When I put snacks in my mouth and pretended to be a walrus, Tom made pictures with me and laugh so loudly that they wanted to throw us out of the pub.

Another time, many years ago, Tom came to me with a request. “Kuba, I got the role of a nitwit in one movie,” he said, “teach me how to play it. You are constantly acting like a nitwit.”

So I gave him some tips. I showed idiotic behaviors that he could then use on the set. It turned out to be a hit. Tom for the role of Forrest Gump later got an Oscar.

The presented story is untrue and humorous. The photo is a photomontage. Oryginal photo source: