Me and Steve started in the same garage. He was passionate about computers, but I focused on graphics. When I opened the page Events that did not happen, I saw jealousy in his eyes. Jobs saw the potential in it and he regretted that he had not that idea before. From that moment he was even more determined to succeed.

Unfortunately, he was in financial trouble at the same time. I suggested that we go together to Podkarpacie region, to work in orchards. At that time, you could earn a lot from collecting apples. We worked hard all summer and after that Steve spent the money earned to produce the prototype of his first computer.

He did not think about his name for a long time. He wanted to emphasize that the computer was created thanks to apple orchards of Podkarpacie region, which is why he named it Apple I. He gave the same name to his company.

The presented story is untrue and humorous. The photo is a photomontage. Oryginal photo source: