Events that did not happen is completely unprofitable project. Commercial cooperation in this case would be difficult. I think that not many brands advertising on this type of website would bring image benefits.


If I knew Bill Gates personally, it would probably be easier. But I do not know – the photograph above is, as you can guess, photomontage. I like to do photomontages, but unfortunately life is not a fairy tale and you can’t always do what you like. You also have to earn money and then the remnants of free time are not enough to do whatever you want to do.

Currently, new Events appear and will appear. However, I can not guarantee regularity in creating new materials.

But there is one way for Events to happen more often. If I had financial profits, I could spend more time on the project and invest in its development. That’s why I’ve opened an account on the Patronite website. This is a website, based on social funding. Shortly:

If you want to appreciate my work, help me develop the project and make Events that did not happen more often, you can support me. You will have my invaluable gratitude for it, as well as the small profits described on site below.