Me and Lolek (that’s what we were talking about later Pope John Paul II) often organized trips. A canoeing trip, a hike in the mountains etc.

Once, when we came back from a trip in the Bieszczady Mountains, in the middle of the wilderness our car broke down. So I opened the mask and tried to fix the fault. While I was rummaging in the engine, my companions prayed to Saint Christopher, , patron of drivers. Unfortunately, neither one nor the other way helped.

Help was to arrive the next day. Fortunately, Karol always had a supply of cream cakes with him.

We had to spend the night in the wilderness. There was not much space in the car, so one of us had to sleep outside. I volunteered. I made a fire and lay down on the grass.

In the morning I woke up frozen. Lolek came up to me and asked me how it was night. I replied: “You know, it slept well, but it was terribly cold from the ground” – and then I added – “this ground.”

Karol later returned to this situation many times.

Fig. Tomasz Jagodziński /
The presented story is untrue and humorous. The photo is a photomontage. Oryginal photo source: