Bob Marley’s name was actually Robert Marley. Unfortunately, he never liked his real name. I have often complained that I need a catchy artistic pseudonym. He often called me and cried: “Kuba, they mistook me again with your ski jumper, Robert Mateja.” Once, even for jokes, we started building a ski jumping hill in Jamaica. Several buddies helped us. They liked it so much that they started reading about other winter sports and got interested in bobsleighs. Later, the film Cool Runnings was even made about them, but this is a topic for a another story.

During the construction of the ski jump, Robert Marley dressed a helmet and working overalls, and I said, “Robert, you look like a Bob the Builder.” By the end of the day, everyone said so. In the evening, my friend decided that the name suits him perfectly. From now on, Bob told us to call him Bob.

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The presented story is untrue and humorous.