Me and Bill Gates often met to discuss his new products. Bill valued my opinion and often advised in difficult situations.
Once upon a time my friend showed me a new version of Windows. Technically the system was sensational, but Bill was not convinced about the visual side.
– Jobs do such nice things, and we can not – he cried.
– Maybe instead of a seamless desktop background, you put in some inspirational photography – I suggested.
Gates became interested in this idea and started looking for nice photos on Google Graphics.
– Listen Bill – I interrupted him – yesterday on the way from work I passed such a nice green meadow and I made a nice photo.
When I showed Bill my photograph, he exclaimed:
– James! This is exactly what we needed!
In this way, my meadow was the default desktop background in Windows XP.
The photo is a photomontage. The source of the original photo:
The presented story is untrue and humorous.